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I have trouble connecting with people because I don’t show much emotion. You always act the same, people say. But it’s not on purpose, I swear, and so this is me trying to be more expressive…


How a van, a girl, and a cat changed my life. ~WESTFALIA (temporarily removed while I try to get it published)

Short Stories

NEXT THING FOUR PINHEADS in nightgowns come prancing out. Aren’t they adorable. A round for Pip, Zip, Dip, & Nip. Curtsey left, sashay right, yes, now pull back the curtains with your teeth… ~Freaks: The Musical

I, Persephone, take you, Marcus, to be my husband half of the time, to have and to hold from this day forth, except when you’re away, for richer, for poorer, two months on, two months off… ~Half-Wife

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Journal Entries

A plane flies over at 30,000 feet. Not the first time. We’ve seen it all before. Some of us first hand— and to one passenger in first class sipping his bottomless Mimosa, having another… ~Lesser Known Witches of Denmark

This will be the last thing I write about myself for awhile. Not that my voice or DNA or whatever you wanna call it won’t be at the core of everything, just the subject won’t be Drew Lyon… ~My Problem with Drugs & Alcohol

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